Safeguarding Protocols

The Vocation Centre is committed to the “safety well-being and dignity of children, young people and vulnerable adults within the Archdiocese of Sydney and to respond swiftly and compassionately in circumstances in which children are harmed or at risk of being harmed.” 

The majority of the events that are led by our agency are mainly targeted at people who are 18 years and over. We are committed to ensuring the events that occur within Schools and Parishes that may include Children and vulnerable adults are safe and that we are aligned with the Safeguarding protocols established by these communities. For more information on our Safeguarding Protocols; here is a Fact Sheet: Keeping and Sharing Safeguarding Records and Protocol: Keeping and Sharing Safeguarding.

You can find more information and a full list of resources, by visiting the Safeguarding & Child Protection website.