Frequently Asked Questions

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Isn’t it lonely being a Priest or Religious Sister/Brother?

As in any way of life, there are times of loneliness. It is part of the human condition.  Priests are human beings too.  At times, they will miss their friends, family, and especially loved ones who have died.  It is in times like this that a priest or religious finds that Jesus is always present. Therefore, what we may see as “loneliness” is in fact a life of intimate friendship with God who loved us first.


How do I find a spiritual director?

If you are in Sydney, contact the Vocation Centre, which can assist you.

How do I find a retreat?

Check your parish bulletins, your Diocesan websites, or contact the Retreat centres directly for any retreats available. See our directory of Retreat Centres here.

How do I learn more about prayer?

This is why it is helpful to have a good spiritual director.  Spiritual direction is like a school for learning to grow in prayer, our relationship with God, and how we live that with others.  A very helpful place to start is Pope Benedict’s book A School of Prayer.  This is a collection of his weekly catechesis on prayer.  Contact the Vocation Centre for other material you might find helpful.

Can’t find your question? Contact us to ask!